Karnage Book Trailer

The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy

Check out this short book trailer I put together! If you’re a visual person, this will help you have a condensed idea of what my book is about. (I may or may not have a little too much time on my hands, but better for you!) My Media B.A. is going to some good use here.

***I do not own any of the footage/music shown on here. This was something I did for fun***

If I have time, or find myself in a writing rut, I’ll try and make one for KALCYON as well, without spoiling anything of course. I always pictured Lucas to look somewhat like Liam Hemsworth, except with black hair and green eyes of course. As for Selena, Amber Heard is not quite the actress I pictured, but she definitely has the same feeling/vibe as I had for Selena. Thoughts??

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