Book III: Prophecy of Fire

RELEASE DATE: 12/30/20

Logan Bray has devastated Vanderwald and created an army of dark children. With a plan to exact his revenge on the betrayals of his past, Selena must find Athena before Logan does. Or they risk him getting his hands on the golden feather, a power that can render him untouchable.

Discovering her birth mother, Alythea Somer, remains trapped in Ancora, Selena must find a way to travel to the dimension of life and death to retrieve the only thing that will stop Logan from destroying Celestria with his army of darkren. Will she follow the destiny her mother has set for her or will Selena pave her own future?

PROPHECY OF FIRE is the last book of THE PHOENIX ASHES TRILOGY. It is scheduled to be released on September 2020 along with the previous two installments.