A.J. Leigh began writing as a hobbyist during her senior year in high school. It was a practical outlet for her creative imagination that made the days fly by. She only dreamed that she would be able to publish a complete novel someday. Without any real writing experience or process, Leigh would randomly begin stories from page one without knowing where it would take her. (She has an archive of all her unfinished stories on her laptop!)

Leigh attended University of California, San Diego for a year as a Writing major, however decided to embark in a Visual Arts Media B.A. instead. Graduating in 2013 with a Media B.A., she became a wedding videographer, which she currently continues to manage on the weekends. Leigh also attends UCLA writing courses to further her professional education and experience in writing, as well as to connect with other aspiring writers.

Currently, she is a high school volleyball coach and the club director of a boys volleyball club. She plans to continue her long-lasting passion of volleyball through coaching young individuals to know the joy of developing team unity and spirit.

Leigh still enjoys literature as she loves to kick back on sunny/rainy days to read and write on her free time. She’ll often be found scribbling, in the plethora of her notebooks, possible new book ideas, random quotes, interesting names, new creatures, etc. She has loved fantasy ever since she was little and is a hopeless romantic. She plans to continue to write within her favorite genre, fantasy romance, for now. And as the videographer she is, Leigh hopes to one day see her books come to life on the big screen.