Book II: Destiny of Light

Seventy years ago, Alythea Somer and Logan Bray were tangled in the thorns of a wretched destiny. Now, she’s gone and he has returned to Celestria to unleash the wrath of his betrayal. The bloodlines of powerful families run strong within the veins of three special Valkryns who are blind to the secrets binding them to their ancestor’s past.

After Lucas pulls away from Selena, she escapes to the Guardianship to assist in the pursuit of Logan, where she meets a Valkryn who provides her a comfort she never thought she would experience again. The search for Logan is put to a halt when an alarming number of disappearances of six-year-old children. But who is orchestrating these kidnappings and for what purpose?

DESTINY OF LIGHT is the second book of THE PHOENIX ASHES TRILOGY.  Formerly published as KALCYON, the second installment was republished with a few edits in 2020.

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