Book II: Kalcyon

Sixty years ago, Alythea Somer and Logan Bray were tangled in the thorns of a wretched destiny. Now, sixty years later, she’s gone and he returned to Celestria to unleash the wrath of his betrayal. The bloodlines of powerful families run strong within the veins of three special Valkryns who are blind to the secrets binding them to their ancestors’ past.

Selena is invited into the Guardianship to assist in their pursuit of Logan, however the search is put to a halt when a strange number of disappearances and tragedies begin to occur–the victims, all six-year-old children.

KALCYON is the second book of THE PHOENIX ASHES TRILOGY. Follow Selena as she is faced with the decision to unravel the mysteries behind her past as she searches for the identity of her birth parents.

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