The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy

The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy is currently in progress.

This series was born in 2009 while I was still in high school. The original title was “Lunar Hearts,” but as time passed the storyline evolved and the title followed. One thing that I am proud to say is that the characters of this trilogy have stayed true since day one. Selena Somerset and Lucas Brayden have come to life for me in what started as an interesting way to pass time, into two characters who truly exist in my mind.

The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy has come a long way since day one and I am happy to say the day that my long-lasting dream to publish my book comes true, has finally arrived.

Book I: Fate of Ash – RELEASED ON 9/19/2020
Book II: Destiny of Light – RELEASE DATE 11/10/2020
Book III: Prophecy of Fire – RELEASE DATE 12/30/2020

Original Covers:

Karnage (2015)
kalcyon cover
Kalcyon (2016)