Book I: Karnage

“In which you seek, you will not find.
The spell that once stood has lost its bind.
Prison walls begin to fade, forged by death is a cursed blade.
The power once lost will now return.
From the flames, Celestria will burn.”

In the world of Celestria, few possess powers beyond imagination. Selena Somerset enrolls into Vanderwald Academy to develop her special abilities. She soon discovers fate has much more in store for her when she meets the mysterious Lucas Brayden.

A sudden thief’s rampage, committing the most heinous crime, sends them on a dangerous hunt to apprehend him. Friendship, love, and betrayal lay in wake for Selena as she is faced with the impossible decision to save the many or to save the one she loves.

KARNAGE is the beginning of Selena’s thrilling adventure and the first book of THE PHOENIX ASHES TRILOGY.

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Check out the soundtrack!

Mini Book Trailer (I do not own any of the footage/music played in this film)


“I read this book not knowing anything about it, other than the synopsis, and didn’t know what to expect. I was completely wowed!” –LibraryCutie (Book Blogger) Read the full review here!

“A winning fantasy you won’t forget in a hurry!…” –John Hennessy (Author of The Dark Winter series) Read the full review here!

“I have to say that this book is the most amazing new fantasy book I have read. In fact, it is one of the best I have ever read. I was totally engrossed with this story and cannot wait for the next book…” –Tom Fallwell (Author of Dragon Rising)

“This is an excellent fantasy book and it really does feel the like the first real fantasy I’ve read in a while…” –Cithara Patra (Author of Hearts Under Ice)

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