Children’s Books

“The Jar of Dreams” (2019) – Buy it here

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.52.01 PM

A little boy full of dreams fills his up his big jar. But when one of his dreams escape he sees it come to life in front of his eyes. He never knew that living his dream could be so fun. He discovers that wonder can be found when we begin to chase our dreams one by one.

“Did his dreams like staying in the jar day after night, night after day?”
-The Jar of Dreams

“The Puzzled Piece” (2019) – Buy it here


A puzzle piece looks for the picture he is meant to complete. Even though he is able to be so many fun things, no puzzle seems just right. Can you help the puzzled piece find the puzzle he’s meant to complete? (This is an interactive children’s book. A little bit of snipping, glueing, and coloring required!)

“But this is my little red nose and I want to choose what big picture I will be, so will you help me?”
The Puzzled Piece

Moon Lily” (2017) – Buy it here

Moon Lilyebook.jpg

Lily is a white flower who dreams to be beautiful. She goes on a journey and meets many beautiful things, but finds she cannot be as beautiful as them. At the end of the road, Lily meets a guiding light who shows her the truth behind beauty.

“I want to be beautiful, as beautiful as can be. But I am only white and beautiful is not me.”
-Moon Lily

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