Kalcyon Soundtrack

Kalcyon will officially be released on January 31, 2016. And I'm happy to say that the e-book, paperback, AND hardcover will be available for purchase! To have a little look into what to anticipate, here is the soundtrack that inspired me throughout the writing journey of Kalcyon. Enjoy! I made both the Karnage and Kalcyon …

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UPDATE: It’s Official!

My Kalcyon ARCs have officially been delivered and I have never been so excited to open a package. It looks even better than I had hoped for it to. I love the new cover concept that I incorporated into it. For those who purchased my VERY first edition, I did make many changes to the …

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UPDATE: Kalcyon ARC’s

I am officially in the final stages of completing the Kalcyon Advanced Reader Copies to send out to readers! If any of you have ever tried to format a manuscript into book form on Microsoft Word, then I know you understand when I say it is a FREAKING NIGHTMARE. I've done it twice already, once …

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Karnage Soundtrack

Music plays a huge role in my writing process--I always have to be listening to it. The most exciting thing is when I stumble upon a song that fits perfectly to what I'm trying to convey in my writing. I usually try to stay away from the mainstream songs because they tend to be overplayed …

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GIVEAWAY – Enter through Instagram!

I'm hosting my FIRST #giveaway . There will be 3 winners and the places will be determined by the random order winners are chosen 🙈1st - Signed feather bookmark & Signed paperback copy of Karnage & a notebook & personalized watercolor art piece (style as pictured here)2nd - Signed feather bookmark & Signed paperback copy …

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Karnage Book Trailer

Check out this short book trailer I put together! If you're a visual person, this will help you have a condensed idea of what my book is about. (I may or may not have a little too much time on my hands, but better for you!) My Media B.A. is going to some good use …

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“Face of Fantasy” Blog by Tom Fallwell

A fellow author asked to blog about my book as his first featured post! Check it out at the link below. Karnage (The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy Book 1) by A.J. Leigh.