The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy

Republish of KALCYON

Seventy years ago, Alythea Somer and Logan Bray were tangled in the thorns of a wretched destiny. Now, seventy years later, she’s gone and he has returned to Celestria to unleash the wrath of his betrayal. The bloodlines of powerful families run strong within the veins of three special Valkryns who are blind to the secrets binding them to their ancestors’ past.

Selena Somerset is invited into the Guardianship to assist in the pursuit of Logan Bray, however, a string of disappearances and tragedies begin to occur–all the victims being six-year-old children. But these children are special, and the power growing within them is being exploited into darkness. Can Selena save the kidnapped children from the darkness Logan is forcing upon them?

I have officially completed the re-publishing of DESTINY OF LIGHT, book 2 of The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy. The paperback version is available on Amazon, and the hardcover version will be available in a week.

Revisiting this part of Selena’s adventure was exciting for me and I really enjoyed how she evolved and grew. I’m excited for you all to read the ending of her journey in the final installment of The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy, Prophecy of Fire.

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