UPDATE: Netflix Addiction


WARNING: If you don’t like gifs, then get outta here. It’s my first time incorporating it so I might go a little crazy. GO BIG OR GO HOME, RIGHT?

Netflix and chill. It’s more like Netflix and rot! My friend just recently gave me her login for Netflix to watch “How to Get Away with Murder.” I finished the first season within a week.

The second season hasn’t released on Netflix yet but I hear it’s crazy. I can’t wait. Ever since I got rid of the TV in my room, I’ve been on Netflix even more.

Currently, I am watching The Office. (I’m behind the bandwagon, I know). Upon some recommendations from my friends, I decided to give it a shot, even though it never really appealed to me. It took me about one whole season to start to get into it. Throughout the first season, I think I may have laughed….once?

But, I stuck with it and powered through. That was 2 weeks ago. Now I’m on Season 9…

I found myself in a never-ending loop–wake up, go to work, eat dinner while watching The Office (8+ episodes…), sleep at 3 a.m. Today I’m taking a break from watching it and I’m writing about it instead. I’ve always been a binge TV series watcher because I hate to have wait to see what happens next. I prefer one big dose rather than multiple small doses. (Just like how I would break my arms before taking two trips to take groceries from the car to my house).

My favorite characters are Jim and Dwight. Their relationship is so fun to watch and their pranks are the best part of the show. Their snarky remarks and the quick wit of the characters are a couple of the things I’d like to incorporate into my writing. Dialogue is so important in books and watching shows like this really helps me develop characters through their conversations. (The character in my next book may or may not be inspired by Dwight!)

It’s 3 a.m. right now and I’m not going to review this TV series, but if you haven’t watched it, then I recommend you do (especially if you work in an office). But, make sure to start from the beginning or you won’t get the full effect of funny and some things won’t make sense. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office are all must watch series in my book.

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