Kalcyon: Random Update #1

The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy

I decided I’m going to try and release something from my new book every two weeks, whether it’s an inspiration, quote, or character. I won’t release anything that will spoil the story though so hopefully it’ll keep you on your toes when you actually read it.

This song resonates with Kalcyon so much that every time  I listen to it, I can picture in my head this one specific emotional scene in the book that I hope I’ll be able to perfectly transfer to the written word.

“Stars” by Marie Hines.

“Despite all consequences or repercussions, I knew what I had to do. At that moment, I truly understood what it meant to love someone so unconditionally that you would sacrifice all you had to save them, to cast away all logic and future motivations to protect the here and now even if the then may be lost like the beauty of a burning star.”


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