The Colorless Red

THE COLORLESS RED is a manuscript idea that I’ve been playing around with in my head. It was all just a concept I didn’t really think would go anywhere, but I’m happy to say that I will be working on this manuscript while I complete The Phoenix Ashes Trilogy.

The Red String of Fate

Rubicund is a world woven deeply with love; a Thread of Destiny is tied to each Rubian’s finger. Waiting for the tangled mess to unravel, they anticipate the moment their once colorless thread begins to bleed with color, bringing them closer to finding their soulmate–everyone, except for Gwynn. Gwynn is considered a Colorless when she turns 18 years old and her Thread of Destiny still remains…well, colorless.

What will Gwynn do when her Thread of Destiny unexpectedly becomes a chain, handcuffing her to a boy who is even more broken and wretched than herself?

“In this fabricated world of love we’re all fated to live a disguised lie by believing that at the end of our string our one true love will bleed color into the thread of destiny we share, but mine will forever be a colorless red.”

-The Colorless Red by A.J. Leigh

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